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I Tried Nordstrom’s Style Boards

With every career change comes a wardrobe overhaul (for me at least, anyway.)

For the past year, I did not put as much of an emphasis on my outer appearance as I have in the past. Working in an office for five days a week eight hours straight left me little motivation besides getting shit done. I was there to do work, not impress my office with my fashion choices.

But as everyone knows, your looks (that and hard work and commitment) can make or break a career in the entertainment industry. If I wanted to get ahead I knew that I needed to update my wardrobe. That’s when I found Nordstrom’s personal styling services.

What Is The Style Board?

Nordstrom offers a variety of personal styling services but what most stood out to me was the style board. The style board is a convenient and personalized way of shopping where you can get style advice anytime, anywhere. I decided to email them and give it a shot.

How It Works

After I emailed them I received a prompt response with a detailed questionnaire. I was asked the basics such as my size and style preferences but was also asked to provide a recent picture and a link to my Pinterest account for additional inspiration. 15 questions later I sent in my information and waited a business day for my results.

The next morning I received a text message with a link to my personal style board and I was not disappointed.

My Thoughts

Overall, I was quite impressed with the service. It was fast, convenient, and accurate in terms of what I was looking for. The stylist stayed true to my style but also added pieces that I wouldn’t have considered before. I was very pleased with the results and look forward to using the service again.

Have you tried Nordstrom’s personal styling services? If so, share your experiences below!

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